Aircraft brokerage

La Vie de Luxe will work on a tailored solution for the acquisition or sale of your private jet or helicopter and will guide you through the entire process.


Whether you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned aircraft, we will work closely with you to assess your specific requirements and ensure we find the best match for your needs

Our experience and strong global network means we have access to exclusive aircrafts. We will thoroughly go through the maintenance history and technical specifications, flight history, logbook and pre-purchase inspection to get you the best value.

We will take care of the entire negotiations and legal process, manage the purchase and sale agreement to protect your interest, as well as handle the relevant documentation pertaining to the transaction such as registration application.


Our dedicated team will establish a bespoke sales and marketing strategy to deliver a successful completion.

Using our global network connections, insider knowledge and experience, we will support you throughout the entire selling process.

We will expertly market your aircraft through our website, as well as via carefully selected international partners and global media channels to maximise exposure and opportunities, and make your aircraft stand out on the marketplace.

La Vie de Luxe treats each transaction as unique; we will tailor our approach to your specific requirements and work alongside you to highlight the value and key selling points of your aircraft to give it a competitive edge and obtain the best results for you.

Our in-depth market knowledge and unique experience will ensure that we provide you with the best evaluation, price and contract negotiation.