1.  Can I buy just one seat on a private or group charter?

No. Private or group charter means you hire the entire aircraft, so the charter price doesn’t vary with the number of passengers. 

2.  How quickly can I book a private jet?

It all depends on availability, your location and requirements. Your charter could depart as shortly as 2 hours notice, but we recommend a few days planning, ideally a week in advance.

3.  How long before my flight do I need to check in?

We recommend you allow 20-30 minutes before your expected departure time. Some check-ins can take as little as 15 minutes, or you may be permitted to drive right up to the aircraft for boarding, it depends on the airport.

4. What happens at the airport?

Most airports have dedicated private jet check-in terminals or purpose-built facilities called FBO’s (Fixed Based Operators) where you can check in. Both have comfortable exclusive lounges, and your aircraft captain or FBO representative will meet you to escort you to your aircraft.

5. Do I need my passport?

We recommend you always travel with your passport, even for domestic flights.

6.  Do I go through customs/ immigration when travelling by private jet charter?

Yes, customs and immigration procedures must be complied with. Checks can often be completed prior to the flights or at private jet terminals or FBO’s.

7. Is private chartering safe?

Absolutely, the private aviation industry has he same safety standard as commercial aviation, and is regulated by the relevant country's Aviation Authority.


8. How many pilots on my aircraft?

Except for helicopter charters where usually there will only be 1 pilot, there will be 2 pilots on your flight.

For lighter aircraft there is normally no flight attendants, but you can request one.

9. Can I take my pet with me

Usually yes, as long as you have the appropriate documents for travel, your pet can fly with you in the cabin. Some countries however have different regulations for pets; there are restrictions on entering the UK with pets (they must fly on a DEFRA approved carrier to a DEFRA approved airport), so we will advise you depending on your charter requirements.

10. What catering will there be on board?

VIP catering suitable for your journey and time of day will be provided on board.

Smaller aircrafts will usually offer a pre-prepared buffet, whilst on larger aircrafts with galley facilities gourmet food will be prepared on board. Special catering requests will be accommodated where possible, so let us know your requirements.

All flights also include a fully licensed bar and soft drinks. 

11. How much luggage can I take?

It depends on the type of aircraft you charter and the number of passengers. For a small aircraft, the normal baggage limit is one per passenger seat plus cabin luggage. Larger jets have larger hold capacity. Please let us know if you have any unusual items or specific requirements.

12. Can I change my travel plans?

Yes, private aviation is about flexibility. You can make changes before your departure time and we will make the necessary arrangements to arrange a new Air Traffic Control and airport slot to match your new schedule. It is helpful to give us as much notice as possible.

13.  What about passenger changes?

Usually passenger details can be amended until departure day. Just contact us and we will make the necessary changes. Note that some destinations require longer notice as they request pre-clearance of customers.  Additional passengers can be accommodated depending on the size of the aircraft due to aircraft landing and take off weight limits. 

14. Are there cancellation fees?

Yes, cancellation policies vary between operators; it will be detailed in the terms and conditions of your charter agreement at the time of booking.