Private charter

La Vie de Luxe can assist with private jet chartering for business or leisure, from full-size airliners to smaller aircrafts and helicopters.

Private jet for leisure

Whether it is for a special occasion, or a holiday, this will give you complete privacy, flexibility and luxury.

With a bespoke schedule and private terminal access, we offer personalised travel with premium care, whether you need a short-haul or a long-haul flight.

Private jet for business

This will ensure complete space and privacy to work, maximum time efficiency with the optimisation of your travel time, working around your busy schedule, providing total flexibility.

We have access to a wide range of executive and commercial jets to accommodate your business requirements, for short or long haul flights, small or larger groups, and single or multi-destination business trips.

From Airliners to Light jets

Large or small, we can find the right aircraft to best suit your requirements.

Airliners provide the most luxurious amenities, from private bedrooms and bathrooms to executive boardrooms and conference centres; the most luxurious way to travel, entertain or conduct business. They are most suited for groups and long-haul flights.

Small propeller planes and light jets are best suited for short-haul flights, and can be used as air-taxis: for bespoke journeys, with the ability to take off from smaller airports with shorter runways, or get to hard to reach remote destinations with limited infrastructures.


Convenient, versatile, comfortable and fast, helicopters give you total flexibility.

You can land in remote or more difficult to reach areas, in city centres, on helipads on yachts or private properties; they are adaptable and can meet your personal requirements.