Why choose La Vie de Luxe for your charter

La Vie de Luxe specialises in bespoke services; we have access to a wide range of modern and sophisticated aircrafts globally, all compliant with the latest regulatory requirements, with luxurious on-board facilities to provide you with the best service.

We operate in complete discretion, to the highest professional and safety standards, and work out a flexible solution to suit your specific travel requirements.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge will ensure that every detail is thoroughly checked so you enjoy the best experience; we will guide you throughout the entire chartering process so you can just relax. We will work with your bespoke schedule and timetable and arrange private terminal access.

Our highly experienced and qualified cabin crew will ensure you have every comfort and will provide you with an outstanding level of service.

Whatever type of charter you are looking for, we rely on our global network to find the best aircraft to match your requirements, and always protect your best interest.